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To ensure the quality of publication material written by me or my students, I collaborate professionally with Australian proofreaders to proofread research articles, proposals, theses, notes and so on. I would like to invite other students, colleagues and researchers who want to use the same service for very reasonable fees by sending an email to

Before sending your work to us, you should first understand why you need a proofreader and what the proofreader will fix when proofread your document. Continue reading on: 

Why do you need your work to be proofread ?  
There are many reasons why you need a proofreader; some of them are: 
  1. While writing, you may have a blindside. If you are not careful, you might understand it but your readers do not.
  2. While writing, you sometimes know what you want to write, but you don't know the accurate word you should use and write. 
  3. Writing a good article in English, it would be great to have a native English speaker to proofread your work. It would be very useful. 
  4.  Finding the right words, it may convince the reader to continue reading the article with interest.  You may need a proofreader to advise you.
  5. Producing good publication material, is all about reliability, quality, impression and credibility. Your proofreader will assist you in this regard.  
  6. You should not rely on yourself as a proofreader. Hiring a proofreader is a good option.
  7. Sometimes the grammatical errors could make you look dumb. Click here
  8. A proofreader helps you avoid common grammatical mistakes like here.
I'd like to share with you the 17 signs that indicate you need a proofreader. Click here: 17 signs . Also feel free to watch a video below:

This video as well:


What do we fix when proofreading your document?
  •   grammatical errors
  •   typographical errors
  •   misspellings
  •   punctuation
  •   clarity
  •   comma usage and splices
  •   sentence fragments
  •   run-on sentences
  •   subject-verb agreement
  •   verb tense
  •   double negatives
  •   sequence of words
  •   incorrect prepositions
  •   adjective and adverb use
  •   noun strings
  •   countable and uncountable nouns
  •   preposition at the end of a sentence
  •   pronoun-antecedent agreement
  •   pronoun case agreement
  •   agreement errors
  •   beginning a sentence with a conjunction
  •   comparison of absolute adjectives
  •   countable and uncountable quantifiers
  •   dangling modifiers
  •   duplicate pronouns
  •   faulty parallelisms
  •   gerund/infinitive use
  •   incomplete comparisons
  •   infinitives without ‘to’
  •   limiting modifiers
  •   misuse of ‘like’ and ‘as’
  •   misuse of ‘much’
  •   misuse of quantifiers
  •   misuse of subordinate clauses
  •   misuse of ‘these’ and ‘those’
  •   missing question marks
  •   modal verb use errors
  •   redundant pairs of words
  •   sequence of tense
  •   squinting modifiers
  •   unbalanced or misplaced punctuation
  •   unnecessary infinitive clauses
  •   use of articles
  •   use of ‘other’ and ‘another’
  •   use of subjunctive
  •   vague pronoun references
  •   verb choice
  •   verb form use
  •   wordiness caused by circumlocution
  •   wordiness caused by modifiers.
How to send your document?
  1. Send your document for a quick quotation (QQ) to . Kindly state your proposed deadline or due date (DD).
  2. After receiving the QQ, you have to decide whether you want to proceed or not.
  3. If you would like to proceed, please send an email to in order to confirm it.
  4. In some cases, you will need to pay a deposit via bank transfer/cash/etc.
  5. You will receive the "edited" document from the proofreader. Within 24 hours you will need to confirm your satisfaction level and will be asked to make full payment. 
  6. Kindly note that, the fee for proofreading or copy editing your work will depend on the length of the document and the quality of the written English.
How to make a payment to us?
We can only accept two payment methods.    
  1. Bank transfer
  2. Credit card (not yet, coming soon)
  3. Cash
 We will advise you via email on this matter.

What have our customers said about us?  
  • Thank you very much for the service. I haven't got the chance to see the whole thesis; I only went through chapter 1 this afternoon. It looks very good, I think Sherryn really did a good job. I will let you know if there's any issue later - Zalina (PhD candidate, University of Manchester, UK)
  • I am very satisfied with the services that they provided. I receive immediate feedback and they attend to my request immediately. I would suggest this service to my colleagues, and for OZproofreading service: keep up the good work!! - Dr Nurbiha Syukor (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
  •  "Saya pernah hantar depa check... sangat cepat" - Zeti (PhD student at UPM, Malaysia)
  • "Very reasonable fee, flexible and true Australian proofreader" - Dr Ida (UTM, Malaysia) 
  • "Thank you for the quick respond, and well done for the excellent work. Please give the detail info regarding the payment method. Really appreciate the service and it gonna continue for the next paper"  - Fajar (PhD student at Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan)   
  • "Helen was the best editor I've engaged so far. I'm not only provided with great editing, she also gave VERY helpful comments on a few things that should be changed. I greatly appreciate the quick turnaround time and the comments." - Dr Khairie (UUM, Malaysia)
  • "Sgt cepat dan murah pulak tu.. lps tu review utk 2nd/3rd time (paper yg sama) free.. mmg berbaloi2... - Along (PhD student at Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
  • Overall, the editing is very helpful for my thesis and I am quite happy with the overall editing. There are some inconsistency here and there but I do understand it is a long document. I'll not hesitate to use this service again in the future. - Raihana (PhD candidate at UWA, Perth, Australia)  
Our Proofreaders

Helen is a proofreader holding a Master of Arts (Literature) from the University of Queensland and undergraduate degrees in Law (QUT) and Arts (UQ). Since working as a Language and Learning Adviser at Queensland University of Technology, she has developed expertise in editing academic works in a range of disciplines.

Sherryn has had extensive experience in proofreading large, complicated documents for major law firms in Australia.  Accuracy and attention to detail in consistency of English grammar usage was crucial, in addition to operating to tight deadlines. She has also had experience in proofreading material for a marketing firm in Tokyo, Japan where she lived for two years. Sherryn has an enormous interest in Asian countries and studies Japanese, Indonesian and Arabic. She lives in Brisbane with her husband. 

About us 

The is a group of freelance Australian proofreaders. Our aim is to provide proofreading services around the world at very reasonable price.